Effective 3rd February 2016



The minimum standard required on the course is tailored shorts, having a fly and waistband, polo shirt with collar and fitted footwear. No flip flops.

Priority on Course

To prevent delay, players on higher numbered holes should be given priority on all parts of the course, unless common sense dictates otherwise.

Preferred Lies

A ball lying on the fairway in play may be marked, lifted, cleaned and placed within one standard club grip length no nearer the hole, that is not in a hazard and not on the putting surface. Any improvement in line or stance is the player's good fortune.
If after placing the ball it subsequently moves prior to the player addressing the ball No Penalty is incurred. The ball MUST be played as it lies. (Rule 18.1)
If as a direct result of your addressing the ball you cause the ball to move, a one shot penalty is incurred. The ball MUST then be replaced. (Rule 18.2)
Astroturf may be used when taking a preferred lie, in which case the player MUST place the mat directly behind the ball. The ball may then be lifted, cleaned if necessary and placed on the Astroturf mat.


The Astroturf mat MUST be circular, at least 20cm in diameter and have no bald patches.
If after placing the ball on the mat, the ball falls off the mat as a direct result of your addressing the ball, a one shot penalty is incurred. The ball must then be replaced on the mat.
If the ball falls off the mat of its own accord due to being on an incline the ball MUST be replaced with no penalty.
If the ball will not remain on the mat the ball MUST be replaced in its original position and the Preferred Lie rule may then be applied.

Moveable Obstructions

All fairway/water hazard markers are deemed movable obstructions. Relief should be taken under Rule 24-1.
Water pipes lying outside hazards can be movable or immovable obstructions in accordance with the definition of an 'Obstruction' in the rules of golf.


Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions and may be removed under Rule 24-1.

Water Hazards

Water Hazards are defined with red stakes.
The bridges over the water hazards on fairways 9/18 also have red markings which define the line of a water hazard.
Any ball touching or at rest on a bridge is in the hazard. Rule 26 applies.


The artificial greens should be treated in the same way as conventional turf greens. Scratching the surface to mark the ball is not allowed. Ball markers or a coin should be used.
When on the putting surface, if a player's back swing is impeded, the player may take relief by marking and moving the ball to the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. If no such relief on the putting surface is available, the ball may be placed off the green directly behind.
Players should not chip from or on the greens. (Etiquette)

Ground Under Repair (GUR)

Through the green all man-made roads and paths, piles of sand, rock, stones, grounds man's waste, concrete or other man made foundations, embedded cap rock and large immovable stones are GUR.
A ball lying on a natural stony lie must be played as it lies unless relief is allowed under another rule.

Immovable Obstructions

The windsock and support pole and wires, along with all Telegraph poles, junction boxes, wires and support structures are immovable obstructions. Rule 24-2 applies. A ball striking any of the above MUST be replayed without penalty.
Tee constructions and the Sanger by the skate park are immovable obstructions. Relief under rule 24-2 applies.

Out of Bounds (OOB)

A ball is OOB if on/in or beyond any public paths, kerbstones, roads, the old fire station forecourt, the skating cage, helipad or buildings bounding the course, excepting off the Gents 9th tee, where the ball is in play between tee and fairway.
A ball is deemed to be OOB if all or any part of the ball is touching the surface of one of the above.
A ball lying inside the wire of the LPG cage by the 3rd tee, or the substation to the left of the 4th/13th is OOB.
A ball is OOB if completely on or beyond any line of white markers on any part of the course.
Concrete blocks marking roads on any part of the course are not OOB markers.

Distance Measuring Devices

The use of Distance Measuring Devices and GPS systems are permitted.


These local rules are subject to change at any time during the season. Always check the notice board / ANGC Website for the latest copy.


Match Play – Loss of Hole.
Stroke Play – Two shot penalty.