New Membership Form

To be used for new members and if personal details have changed.

Membership & Locker Renewal Form

To be used by all current members for renewal of membership and lockers.


The following Membership rates are available:


 Category Type Annual Price (€)1
 A  Full - Individual  175
 A1  Society - Individual  250
 B  Full - Any 2 Family Members  275
 B1  Society - Any 2 Family Members  350
 C  Junior - Full (Under 18)  25
 C1  Junior - Society (Under 18)  25
 D  Monthly - Individual  35
 E Country2 - Individual (6 Month Max)   105
 F  Social  100


1 Including Local Handicap Management

2 Must include a current Handicap Certificate


Membership Definitions

Full - UK service personnel, Military Veterans with more than 6 months service time, UN Forces in Cyprus & Government employed UK based civilians and their dependants.

Society - Applicants who do not qualify for Full membership.

Monthly - For those who have a short stay in Cyprus and would like to play at ANGC for up to one month.

Country – For applicants who are full playing members of a recognised off island golf club and where that playing member is not resident in Cyprus for more than 6 months in any 12 month period.

Social - Social Members may play golf for a further €5 a round.


Locker Application