R & A Proposal

The R & A have proposed a number of rule changes with the main intention being to speed up play. At the last committee meeting it was agreed I would take this onboard and the first thing was to trial some of the suggestions at the Thursday ballsweep.

Earlier this month the R & A issued a statement that they intend to introduce the ready golf rule now.

Please read R & A Pace of Play Manual. Particular attention should be given to Section 4, "Player Behaviour".

Handicap Secretary


As of Thursday 15th Jun 17 the Ballsweep will be 3:00pm for 3:30pm.

Course Maintenance

It was agreed at the AGM that from now on the course will be closed on Wednesday mornings until 10am. This will enable the Grounds Team to safely complete their work.



 Thunderstorm Risk Policy

Please make sure you are acquainted with the details of the Thundersotrm Risk Policy.  This can be found on the Health & Safety Notice Board which is on the right hand side of the Clubhouse.

 Dhekelia Golf Club

The reciprocal arrangement that ANGC has been granted for us to play on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday free of charge does NOT begin until the 15th November and only on contacting Morgan John on 99533634 to confirm availability. I have been made aware of a number of people that have their names in the green fee book which should not have happened. Please do not abuse this offer. Club Captain
Golfers are NOT to practice on the 3G SPORTS PITCH
Smoking is NOT permitted in the Clubhouse and covered Patio Areas